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Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

Yet, because of this, I’d argue that I’m uniquely qualified to recommend jewelry. Whenever I do take a leap and purchase jewelry, it is always a very deliberate and emotional choice, and — key point here — I always buy pieces that are high quality but still affordable. This serves two purposes; I don’t lose a small fortune if I lose a necklace (as I am wont to do), and additionally, I get jewelry that I love and that doesn’t turn my skin green or purple, so I am more likely to keep track of it.
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Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

Because of all of this, I’m extremely picky and opinionated about my jewelry, and I don’t like wearing just anything that everyone else might have (I want to be an original. I know, such an unoriginal position!). With this position in mind, here are my top 8 jewelry brands that are affordable but also adorable, and most of which you’ve (probably) never heard of.
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Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

Whether it’s a midday Frap break or rosé treat after a particularly long week, we know the power of a good pick-me-up. In our world, the only thing that can rival a tasty treat is the thrill of finding trend-right style that doesn’t break the bank. Who needs sweets when you can have a slew of budget-friendly baubles? These beauties will instantly inspire a new Instababe-worthy fall look, or maybe an outfit combination you haven’t tried before. The best part? All of these items are made by under-the-radar brands that are guaranteed to have your friends asking, “Where did you get that?” Scroll below to discover our top picks from jewelry brands you need to start shopping ASAP.
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Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

This Portland-based jewelry designer makes beautiful and unique pieces that fall somewhere in-between the delicate minimalist jewelry trend of today and the geometric awareness of classic costume jewelry. They notably create hair accesories as well, with this modern vintage hair pin being one that I personally covet .The pieces occasionally have an almost inexplicable nautical feel (unsuprising, given the name), and prices hover around $100.
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Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

Faris is one of the most well-known brands of the bunch, and for a good reason. The pieces are the epitome of the minimalist but precise geometry trend that is currently all the rage, and their prices are on the affordable side (depending on which metal you buy your jewelry in). Some of my favorites of their line veer even more towards the avant garde, like these amazing Lash earrings.
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Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

Isharya jewelry takes inspiration from India’s intricate and vibrant style. Their pieces feature a gorgeous blend of exotic, earthy, and modern elements, from their colorful abstract statement necklaces all the way to their chunky natural stone rings.  My personal favorite collection of their’s is the Pop Art Collection (shown above).  For the best deals, check out their Sales page where you can often find their jewelry for 30%-75% off!
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Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

I have to start this by being honest, jewelry has never really been my thing. Now, before you bail and immediately stop reading, it’s not because I don’t like to wear it or don’t have a strong opinion about it — I most certainly do. It’s instead because I have a very unfortunate tendency to lose it. I’ve mentioned my various executive functioning failures before, but one of the most prominent is how difficult it is for me to keep track of things. In the past, with my mind occupied on keeping track of my keys, clothes, wallet, lipstick, phone charger, and various important life documents, it shouldn’t come as any sort of shock that the small metal accoutrements we call jewelry are often the first casualties of my executive functioning lapses.
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Best Affordable Jewelry Brands

There’s just something very cool about wearing jewelry that’s so small, people have to look twice to notice it. That may be part of the popularity of it all, too: Minimalist pieces have become many a woman’s signature jewelry, since the simplistic designs pair with almost everything. Think of it as the accessory world’s version of the little black dress.
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3. Tobi Out of the Box Ear Jackets ($8): Guys, these earrings are kind of everything. From their minimal lines to their statement-making style, ear jackets of this caliber might become your go-to for expert-level nine-to-five style. LA-based Tobi is a handcrafted alternative to your typical fast-fashion brands, offering an array of delicate jewelry. Don’t forget to check out their fashion as well.
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Etsy: If you’re expecting arts-and-crafts-style work from hobbyists, think again — Etsy offers so much more. We recently highlighted some of our favorite Etsy shops for jewelry, which range from cool, statement vintage pieces at Persephone Vintage to tiny, affordable rings and necklaces at By Lía.

From bright statement necklaces to delicate stackable rings, Baublebar is a great place to start if you’re looking to add some trendy, yet affordable pieces to your jewelry collection.  The often run sales too, like their Semi-Annual sale which features styles up to 60% off.
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Olive + piper offers a wide range of affordable feminine jewelry pieces that range from delicate necklaces to chunky bracelets and cuffs, all of which can be layered and stacked to create a super stunning, on-trend look. For example, pair the Finley Choker with the Ariel Pointed Y-Necklace to dress up a plain tee, or wear with a plunging v-neck dress for a night out.
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Luckily, since the trend has caught on, there are tons of brands making chic, affordable pieces for the masses. Click through the gallery to see five of our favorites.
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It may not be a jewelry label, per se, but we’ve found some of our favorite delicate minimalist pieces at this Swedish chain. It makes sense, given the brand’s Scandinavian roots. From thin rings with small, faux pearls to slim, geometric chokers, you can easily stock up on pieces since most everything falls under $50.
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Etsy has a surprising amount of chic handmade jewelry options, and AgJc is one of them. Based out of Paris, this label focuses on slim, geometric earrings in natural shades such as silver and charcoal gray. It also sells rings that match some of the earrings in shape and color, and most pieces cost less than $100.

Sure, getting a pair of diamond earrings from your boyfriend or a cheesy charm bracelet from your mother is nice and all. But the truth is, buying jewelry for yourself — with your own money, on your own time, and of your own taste (sorry, Mom) — is one of the more satisfying and empowering shopping experiences out there.
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Modern Weaving: The brand may be more widely known for its bags, but the graphic, sculptural jewelry here is not to be overlooked. With no price tag exceeding $135, the selection is a mix of high-polished raw brass and Nara porcelain pieces (which are either hand-formed or thrown on the potter’s wheel), all giving new life to the chandelier earring with long, interlocking shapes.

Sophie Monet: It’s rare to feel that a jewelry brand is offering something totally new and different, but this Venice, California-based line is doing just that. Sophie Monet marries bold shapes with materials like exotic wood, precious stones, and metals (sustainable whenever possible). From cuffs and bracelets to earrings and necklaces, nothing here will run you over $200.
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Barrio Neal: This Philly-based jewelry brand only uses only reclaimed precious metals, fair-mined gold, and ethically sourced stones to make its colorful pieces. Shapes here tend to be traditional, though with a twist — whether it’s colored stones clustered in an interesting way or hoops with an interesting geometric shape — and run from everyday (albeit special) pieces to unique engagement rings.

Monique Peán: Another sustainable fine jewelry brand, Monique Peán only uses fair trade, sustainably-sourced materials and partners with artisans around the globe to promote traditional craftsmanship. Her work is sculptural and often art-inspired, whether it’s ultra-simple and minimalist or completely decked out in diamonds.

Littionary carries small and delicate pieces, as well as the option for personalized jewelry with secretive messages or engraved initials . I need to get my personal motto (“bitches get stuff done”) engraved on a necklace, stat.
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When it comes to gift-giving, jewelry always seems like a no-brainer. It’s pretty, it comes in small, easy-to-wrap boxes, you get the point. Often times, however, it can be difficult to find that middle ground between the cheap, poorly made stuff and the fine, way-out-of-your-budget nice pieces.
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Minimalist jewelry has been trending hard for quite some time now. We like to think it’s because you almost can’t go wrong with delicate hoops, thin stacked rings, and geometric pieces, no matter what else you’re wearing.
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I met Lindsay, the creator of LM White at a bar she used to work at in Williamsburg (shout out Skinny Dennis!). She let me borrow one of her amazing hand-welded rings, and I wore it almost every day the entire summer. Her line is made up of beautiful metalwork and combinations of brass, stainless steel, and copper. Her prices are higher than most brands featured on this list, but with the steampunk meets Brooklyn meets flower goddess vibes of her pieces, they’re totally worth it. Oh, and she also sells these pitch-perfect Bulleit Bourbon Planters, and metal flower crowns to help you unleash your inner Shakespearean forest queen.

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